Category: 30 for 30 Blog Series

The Five Factors That Have Driven Post-war Homelessness Policy and Practice

This blog reflects upon the key themes of homelessness policy over the past 25 years.
2 May 2022

The Big Impact of Small Scale Community Housing

In this Blog Angela Williams discusses how vital small scale community housing is for rural areas.
2 May 2022

Policy Review Papers: What are they and why should ECRs think about writing one?

This blog discusses the do's and don'ts of writing a policy review paper.
17 Dec 2021

Pracademics: fostering the links between teaching and practice

In this 30 for 30 Dr Jill Dickinson and Teri-Lisa Griffiths discuss their work around ‘pracademics’ and the link between teaching and practice.
14 Dec 2021

Housing Research as Recreational Scholarship

In this 30 for 30 blog Peter Malpass reflects on housing research as recreational scholarship.
3 Dec 2021

Forgotten residents: considering the impact of retrofit on biodiversity

In our latest 30 for 30 blog Prof Aimee Ambrose & Dr Joseph Chambers examine how benign retrofitting really is.
15 Oct 2021

The HSA – My Final Reflection?

Professor Peter Williams reflects on the importance of housing research over the last three decades and why it is still vital today
6 Oct 2021

Housing and Digitisation

Elizabeth O'Hara considers new evidence concerning housing advice and digitisation in the context of the pandemic
24 Sep 2021

Empowerment and Enablement: Tackling Scotland’s Rural Housing Crisis

Derek Logie reflects on policy developments which have supported community-led housing in the last 20 years, and what more needs to be done.
8 Sep 2021

Ontological security. A term of contradictions.

In our latest 30 for 30 blog post Craig Gurney discusses ontological security.
20 Jul 2021

How British community groups are helping refugees integrate – and the government is making it harder

Whilst the Government support refugee integration in principal, there is little policy and state support to back this up.
25 Jun 2021

How can SNP and Greens end the housing crisis in Scotland?

In this blog Regina Serpa argues that a right to housing shouldn't be dependent on the outcome of a 2nd Independence Referendum.
10 Jun 2021

Interdisciplinary Forum on Innovative Housing Solutions

Philippa Hughes & Charles Gillott (University of Sheffield) reflect on their experience of hosting an Innovative Housing Solutions Forum.
1 Jun 2021

Stigma and Social Housing

As part of our 30 for 30 blogs Melanie Rees from the CIH looks at initiatives that are trying to address the stigma of social housing.
21 May 2021

The clue is in the name: homeless people need homes, not houses.

Based on personal experience, Leanna’s blog reflects on current homelessness policy in England and highlights that we still have a long way to go.
11 May 2021

HSA Conferences: A Practitioner Perspective

Paul Smith reflects on his years attending HSA conferences and provides advice for first time practitioner attendees.
30 Apr 2021

Changing Fortunes of the UK PRS & Implications for Housing Research & Education

Dr Kim McKee reflects on the recent history of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and the role of housing research and education.
12 Apr 2021

​The HSA is 30 years old!

HSA Chair, Professor Phil Brown, launches our '30 for 30' blog series in celebration of the HSA's 30th anniversary.
15 Mar 2021
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